FAQ: The Product

How do I wear a Solid Cologne?

To apply product, simply scrape out a small amount of cologne onto your finger and gently rub on your wrist and neck. For a longer lasting scent try applying behind your ears.

Check out our video for more information:


How long will the scent last?

Each application should last you for about 3-4 hours.

 How do I keep/store the solid cologne?

Keep product out of extreme heat such as your car and under the sun. It is generally alright to keep your product in your own pocket unless you plan to stand under the sun. If your product melts, pop it in the fridge for 3 mins and you can use it back again!

Some of your products seem to sweat. Does it mean that it is damaged?

No. Our fragrance are a complex blend of oils where some are lighter/ heavier. The sweating is a result of lighter oils rising up to the surface of the wax.

 Does the Solid Cologne contains alcohol?

No. We used a oil and wax based blend which work as well as alcohol based.

How long can 1 tin last?

Approximately 3-4 months if used daily