Crackle Case Refill

$55.00 MYR

We designed our crackle case for durability and ease of use. Simply replace the tray for a brand new scent or have few in your arsenal of fragrances cause one scent is never enough.  Comes in 4 different scent : Omni , Phenomen, Colossus & Kasai

Notes : Keep the spring anchor down when inserting to avoid damages

Omni: Peppery with Dark berries & Leathery wood.

Phenomen: Sandalwood anchored with gentle hint of floral and berry notes.

ColossusFresh Citrus high with a earthy bottom.

Kasai: Vetiver (similar to a lemongrass but darker) with a fresh tinge of orange note.

Intentionally Crafted

We sourced the best ingredients possible to craft every single one of our solid cologne starting from the choice of wax to the oils we use. They are carefully built with intention to simplify your grooming routine with a scent that really make sense in an ultra portable case.