Audrey Field Bees & Soy Wax Candle 70ml

$35.00 MYR

Analogue X Happy Bunch Audrey Field

Audrey Field features sweet notes of wildberries with soft touches of lilies perfect for those who loves bright and easy notes. We've partnered up with our friends at Happy Bunch to bring you bliss in a mini jar that is sure to lift your mood.

Wick : Wooden wick

Scent Profile : Wildberries, Lillies, Bay Leaf

Wax Blend : 35% Bee wax ,65% Soy wax

Burn hours : up to 20 hours

Weight :70ml


Crafting a Cleaner Burn

Our candles are crafted by blending bee wax and soy wax resulting in a cleaner burn and better throw. Each scent are based on a space or event which we draw inspiration from.