The Heat is On

The Heat is On

Summer has arrived, and that only means 2 things, soaking up the sun, and engaging in recreational activities.

Well, unless, you’re from a place where temperatures are colder than the planet Hoth, or you live on the underside of the equator, or so close to it, that you don’t experience any of the 4 seasons (sincerest apologies to anyone from these places).

So with the heat in full swing, thicker clothing is definitely out, while shorter sleeves and pants, are in. Floral dresses are popular with the ladies, as are floral prints for the guys. Wearing light, breathable clothing is where it’s at, more so with the amount of music festivals prevalent around this time.



Swimwear also takes centre stage more often than not in summer. One piece, or two piece swimsuits work for the ladies, while simple trunks work for the men as we will not speak of figure hugging speedos here (darn it).                                        



While picking an outfit for summer is pretty easy, what really seals the deal is smelling as good as you look, and for that you need a summer scent.

What’s a summer scent you say? The answer, will be revealed after a word from our sponsors.

Just kidding (we’re self-funded).

Really though, we’d recommend Admiral and Cornerstone for the summer season. Admiral is a fresh, ocean-ish scent with a hint of floral. While Cornerstone is a light, wood scent with a tinge of vanilla. Both perfect scents for summer days drifting away to oh oh the summer nights (yes that was a Grease reference).

But if you’re still not sure what to get because it is a little bit hard to smell fragrances through a digital screen, have a look at our 8 scent sample pack, where you can get a 25% discount off your next purchase!

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