The Analogue of Change

The Analogue of Change

You may be wondering what has happened to The Apothecary? What is Analogue Apotik? Why the change? Before we go into that, here’s a little history about how The Apothecary came to be.

An apothecary was a precursor to modern day pharmacies. This was a time where empirical medical treatments were done and apothecaries were the local healer that provided remedies and treatments for people. When they weren’t too busy with treatments, they were contributing to inventions, among them include bird’s nest soup from Chinese apothecaries. Coca-Cola (which we still drink) and drugs that are sold in modern pharmacies.

We loved the stories of past apothecaries and their discoveries which is where we got our name Apothecary in 2015. Our goal was to emulate their spirit of enterprise and invention in the form of our products and overall design language. Thus, we introduced our line of solid colognes where we felt we could express that.

The Apothecary Malaysia then went on a journey where we expanded our reach across Asia for the past 5 years and we've reached a point where we felt a brand name change was required. The reason was simple, “Apothecary” captured what we wanted to represent, but was too hard to be pronounced or remembered. Taking that into consideration, we needed a name that would still represent what we stand for and to continue our story, so “Analogue” was chosen to fill in the gap. 

An analogue is defined as something that is similar or comparable to another. The name immediately made sense as we have always sought to be the analogue of past apothecaries. We would like to reiterate that nothing of our core values have changed and we still believe in crafting products that made sense.

This journey once again reminded us that we are not done and we will continue to develop and discover products that would bring out the essence of modern living in every aspect of our craft. We would like to thank everyone who has supported us thus far, and we are ready to take on the next phase of our brand with a promise that we will continue to deliver only the best for our customers and partners.


“May your choices reflect your hopes, not your fears.”- Nelson Mandela

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