Starting Point - Sense in Scent

Starting Point - Sense in Scent


We’re often told to try new things, to make new resolutions every new year, and to do something different.

And that’s a good thing, but more often than not, we’re caught in the same cycle of wanting to do so much, but only being able to achieve so little.
So maybe, this year, try to make sense in all you do. Aim to be realistic, but as always, start with you, because you can’t change the world, without changing yourself.

But what should you start with? Maybe a change in your appearance?
Maybe a bit of self grooming? I mean, why not?

The pace of life only gets quicker as we go along and everyone is trying to make the perfect first impressions towards other people. Buying a luxurious car is out of the question for most of us, so maybe, you could start with something simple, like using a fragrance.

Some people are born with the face of David Beckham, the body of a Greek god, and the voice of Morgan Freeman, but not everyone is born smelling good. A study done by Oxford University showed that there is a correlation between a person’s scent and being perceived as attractive. Pictures of male individuals were perceived to be more attractive when placed alongside pleasant scents, than when they were placed with unpleasant scents.

Another study showed that scents could have an impact on your perceived age. In this study, participants perceived photos of women in the test to be younger than they were when using pleasant scents, whereas with bad smells there was mild change.

Getting into the practice of applying scents may seem hard at first, but as with everything, practice makes perfect and applying our solid colognes is no different.

We at The Apothecary are here to help you take the next step in your self grooming, and hopefully a scent, is the first step in that journey.

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