AA Tips on How to Buy Fragrances for Someone Else – Part 1

AA Tips on How to Buy Fragrances for Someone Else – Part 1


If there’s one thing that we can agree on, it’s that fragrances are great gifts. They’re beautifully-packaged, they’re evocative, and they’re personal. A well-chosen fragrance — whether it’s a cologne or a perfume — will stay with the recipient for years to come.

But, make no mistake: buying someone a fragrance is also as tricky as it gets because of how very personal this gift is.

And, that’s why we have here some of the best tips around on how to purchase fragrances for someone else. Let’s get smelling cracking!

Use your detective skills and start sleuthing

First thing first, find out what is their favourite fragrance. You can sneak a peek at their favourite perfume, carefully ask them with skilled subtlety, check with their friends and family, or simply pay attention to what they like and dislike.

Does their home always smell off ylang-ylang? Do they always reach for lavender-scented things?

Once you’ve caught a whiff (pun fully intended) of what they like, this can be a great jumping-off point. For instance, if they lean overwhelmingly towards woody, you’ll know to spring for a fragrance from a similar family.

Consider their lifestyle


Now, we all know that fragrances are extremely personal. But, take a minute to consider why. Well, because a fragrance tells stories about its wearer. Essentially, there’s a connection between the fragrance and the person’s lifestyle.

So, if you figure out their lifestyle, it’s going to be much easier to figure out the other part of the equation.

Explore the personality of the different fragrances

Yes, we know. Right now, you must be wondering how can fragrances have personality. Well, do us a favour: pay us a visit or just stroll through departmental stores and sniff some fragrances. We have no doubt that you’ll change your mind very quickly about fragrances not having a personality.

And, now that we’ve established that, here’s the tip. When you’re shopping for a fragrance, jot down some words to describe the options. For example, “spicy”, “bold and daring”, and more.

Then, consider if you’d use these words to describe the recipient of the gift. If they don’t fit each other, move on.

The process of elimination works wonders

If you can’t tell what they like, find out what they dislike, instead. Eliminate all the fragrances that you know will never work. And, be brutal about it. There’s no room for indecisiveness here.

Your recipient isn’t a fan of floral? Then, florals — especially heavy ones — are out. They think that heavy perfumes are the devil incarnate? No problem, out the door they go!

By eliminating all the ones that don’t work, you’re that much nearer to the fragrance.

We will be back…

Now that you have some tricks up your sleeve, you can go forth and buy the perfect fragrance for your friends and family.

But, if you need even more tips, remember that this is only Part 1. We will be back with Part 2 soon. Until we meet again!

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