A solid case for solid colognes: Top reasons why solids triumph over liquid fragrances.

A solid case for solid colognes: Top reasons why solids triumph over liquid fragrances.

For the longest time we were told that spray-on fragrances were the only way to use perfume. Perfumers would require a carrier (traditionally ethanol, synthetic oils and preservatives) to dilute the fragrance compounds into an acceptable percentage that is safe for its user to wear.

What if we told you that there is another way to use fragrances.


Enter waxed based fragrances: THE SOLID COLOGNE.

Here are 4 reasons why we think solid colognes triumphs over traditional liquid fragrances:


  1. Size does matters

Size does matter, bigger means better but in this case solid cologne proves the inverse is true by having a mint size container which is small enough to fit right into your pocket or gym bag. Good luck doing that with a glass bottle.

Though small in size, solid colognes perform at the same intensity and punch as traditional spray-ons with no compromise in strength or fragrance.


  1. Packing a Punch

While many may argue that a solid cologne may not outlast a regular perfume, we do think that the pocket size fragrances has a thing or two up its sleeves. A regular EDT depending on the weather would last around 4-5 hours while a solid cologne would fare the same with the advantage of a reapplication.

Considering its size, solid colognes have an extremely concentrated fragrance oil locked in its wax which also means a little goes a long way. Take that to a glass bottled fragrance and we are pretty sure this tiny beast would deliver a blow to remember. 

  1. Hard as a rock

 Have you had an experience where you’ve broken your favorite bottle of perfume? We have and that pain was unbearable not to mention embarrassing especially if you smell like a walking perfume while traveling with a spilled Jo Malone.

Sadly when it comes to durability, we won’t put our money on a fancy glass jar. Solid cologne on the other hand is encased in an aluminum tin with minimal risk of spillage or leaks. Not only highly portable, solid cologne cases are built to take on hits after hits yet not sacrificing an ounce of fragrance in the process.    


  1. Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee

Here’s a quick fact : There are over 3000 different types of stock chemicals  used by “known” perfume brands  in creating  their signature scents and perfumes. Imagine that on your own skin or worse, a person who has a far more sensitive skin than a normal person. Solid colognes on the other hand would typically take on a more natural route. Take for example, the Analogue. Solid colognes which are made from a blend of beeswax, shea butter and almond oil. This in turns ensures a more direct and safer approach without the need of harmful preservatives and parabens. 

Comparing the two options, spray on fragrances certainly has a longer history and a much more extensive variety of options including designer brands.  But solid colognes has definitely proved what it's capable of and earned its stay in every wardrobe. Solids may be small in size but it will pack a punch like no other personal fragrance


Don’t be too late to catch on, Be the analogue of change.

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